Website Information


Having issues navitgating our website or Tourney Machine? Not to worry we have all the helpfull hints you need below. 




Looking for general information about the program? If you are looking to find out a little information about our Directors and Coaches or pricing and what's included, all you have to do hover over "About" and you will see a drop down with all of that information. Even if you want to be able to see these instructions again, you can check it out in the "About" tab. For more details, take a look at the image below.


If you are having problems finding your team on the website, don't worry! All you have to do is click the "Our Teams" button and it will bring you to our team landing page which you can see in the second picture below. Once you are on the landing page all you have to do is just click on the picture of your team. If you are having issues, take a look at the picture below. On your team page you will find practice and tournament information as well as who will be the coach.



If you are looking to find out what events are coming up in the month you can check out the schedule on our website. All you have to do is hover the mouse over "Schedule". From here, a drop down will appear giving you the option to check out the Calendar, Upcoming Events, and other scheduling information. If you are having any issues check out the image below.


Once you have clicked on the "Upcoming Tournaments" tab under the "Schedule" dropdown, you will see a list of the upcoming tournaments. All you have to do is click on the image of the tournament logo and it will bring you to the tournament page with all the information needed for that event. If you are having any issues check out the image below.




Most tournaments use Tourney Machine for scheduling, field locations, and live updates of scores. We do understand Tourney Machine can get confusing sometimes, which is why we want to show you exactly how to get all of the information you are looking for. To start, you first have to go onto Tourney Machine either through their website or from their downloadable app. After that you can search for the event you are participating in by clicking on the search bar and typing in the name of the event, as seen in the image below. Once the event name comes up all you have to do is click on it.

The next step after finding your event is finding your team. In the image below, it shows the page you are brought to after clicking on the event. First thing you have to do is find the correct gender and graduate year. Once you find that information just click on the button, it should turn red as seen below. If you look at the image, in the top right corner you will find a "PLACES" button. You can click on that button to get the address of the venue for the event.


Once you've clicked on the the correct button for your gender and graduation year, it will bring you to the Pool Standings. There you will find the list of teams in your bracket. Some times the pools are very large so there may be more than one bracket. Just find your team and click on the team name. Any issues check out the image below.

Finally, you will be brought to your team page. Here you will find game times, locations, and the teams you will be competing against. You can go back and check this throughout the event and they will update scoring and standings. The other option you have on this page is to download the app and get notifications for your team. All you have to do click on the green buttons that say "NOTIFICATIONS" or "DOWNLOAD APP". If you're having any issues just check the image below.


We try to put a lot of effort into making sure that you are always informed about where you need to be and when! Our website, will be your source for all of your informational needs. Practice times, schedules, event calendars, account management, training locations, general info, social media and more are all located on team-specific pages. Our site is optimized for mobile devices to make your life on the go a lot easier! You can also contact us via email,, or through our office phone, (631) 423-4170.